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Don’t ever let any person get in the way of what the fuck youre trying to do

No matter who they are, they dont fucking control your life

You Do

Take your life and take control of it

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How do I tell you how much I want you in my life,
without it sounding desperate to say?

And how do I add that I miss having you around,
without giving too much away?

How could I possibly let you into my heart,
when I’m still afraid of what you’ll find?

How long are you willing to be patient with me,
or am I starting to run out of time?

How are we going to get past all of these problems;
the obstacles just never seem to stop.

How do we know this is worth all the trouble,
and how do we know that it’s not?

You are personally responsible for becoming more ethical than the society you grew up in.
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